Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

The lifeblood of any business is having a wide, and diverse base of prospective consumers – and some of the best, and by far the most valuable consumers to have are other businesses themselves. At Caymana Consulting, as a Business-to-Business sales company ourselves, we can offer you and your business the best overall B2B marketing solutions available today.

What is Business to Business Marketing?

At Caymana Consulting our marketing solutions extend to a vast array of clients, across multiple industries – supporting businesses with quite a varied client base. One of the most common types of marketing we offer is known as Business-to-Business Marketing or B2B as it is commonly referred to as. B2B marketing involves the sale of the company’s products and/or services to another.

B2B marketing methodology relies heavily on the same principles used in standard consumer marketing; however, it requires quite a different execution plan and strategic planning. As consumers tend to choose products and services based on qualities such as price, popularity, and certain emotional feelings – businesses themselves often make decisions based on price and potential for future revenues.

Social Media in the B2B World

Social media isn’t just to connect with old high school friends anymore, its one of the most valuable and easily accessible tools to market and promote any brand or business. At Caymana Consulting we specialize in using social media to foster strong relationships with prospective clients and other businesses. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allow businesses to open a path of communication between one another – as it does for traditional consumer marketing, however, on a far larger scale.

The team at Caymana employs aspects of social media to create a brand, establish B2B contacts, and foster strong ties to other businesses – creating lifelong customers and repeat, even scheduled sales and purchases. Using social media to further B2B relations allows us to:

• Open a path of two-way communication.
• Cut marketing costs, taking the place of other paid solutions.
• Create strong brand identities that attract other businesses as well as individual consumers.

What Kind of Consumers are Marketed to Using B2B Strategies?

At Caymana Consulting our B2B marketing solutions break down prospective consumers into four main groups.

• Companies who use your products in their business. Ie. Construction companies who purchase lumber to build homes and buildings.
• Municipal institutions. Ie. Hospitals, Schools, & Colleges.
• Government agencies (the world’s largest consumers of B2B marketing). Ie. Military, Postal Service, etc.
• Resellers, brokers, and wholesalers. Ie. Those that purchase your goods in bulk and sell them individually.

Engineering a Strong B2B Campaign

The most important aspect of B2B marketing is forging strong, mutually beneficial, relationships between businesses – creating lasting, repeat customers. Caymana Consulting will create a marketing campaign in which your company’s greatest strengths are put on a pedestal. Just as it is done in consumer marketing, we do this by understanding the needs and weaknesses of other businesses and showing how you and your organization explicitly meet those needs and remedy those weaknesses. For example, a phone company like Sprint provides wireless voice and data services to both businesses and consumers. Spring has become the US leader in both consumer and B2B, wireless services by marketing their ability to meet the needs of both groups.

At Caymana Consulting we employ a strong B2B plan for you and your business by identifying the following information.

• Your Products & Services – In consumer marketing emotions are often involved. Consumers often buy products by how they make them feel, whereas B2B customers are professionals who choosing products & services based not on feelings but on a) the quality b) the savings or revenue potential and c) the type of product/service

• Your Target Market – Businesses often have very specific and specialized needs. We focus our campaigns on what your products/services can do to meet those needs, and how they allow businesses to perform more efficiently.

• Prices – Unlike most consumers, businesses are far more likely to pay higher prices for goods and services as long as your B2B marketing campaign exhibits value, revenue potential, and increased efficiency for that business.

• Platforms & Technology – B2B marketing is highly specialized, and rarely relies on traditional methods such as TV commercials. By understanding the market, and making use of multiple platforms and technologies we can ensure businesses are exposed to your message. And by meeting the above three points we are able to sway a businesses purchasing decisions.

Business-to-Business marketing is over a $100 billion a year industry and is constantly expanding, at Caymana Consulting we can help you and your organization takes your place amongst the best in your field, vastly increase your revenue and grow your business today.

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