Answers to Common SEO Questions and Concerns

In today’s digital world, everything resides online. That’s simply a fact that anyone who is even thinking to enter into the business world, needs to get straight. If not, they are fast-tracking themselves to failure, and a whole bunch of “I told you so’s…” Regardless of past success, or even current success, whether it has already affected your business, or it will soon, without a proper digital marketing strategy, that makes use of every avenue available, your business and your livelihood will suffer. Even with such warnings, and bleak forecasts, marketing pro’s like Caymana Consulting are constantly met with doubters, on almost a daily basis! People, especially small business owners, who refuse to acknowledge, or implement a sound online marketing strategy, and in some cases even a website! The experts at Caymana Consulting specialize in SEO, obtaining some of the best results industry-wide, and despite such concrete, and provable success, they still find it hard to convince a few old-timers, and non-believers. Many of these business owners simply feel because somehow, they have avoided implementing SEO or other digital avenues into their marketing, that it will never affect them. However, with mediums like Google, YouTube, and Instagram taking the place of mainstays like TV, Radio, and Newspaper it seems the writing is on the wall and it’s only a matter of time before they too are affected. At Caymana Consulting, despite their extensive client list, they have prepared a list of some of the most common issues the “non-believers” tend to bring up and have done their best to answer them.

· “SEO may not work for me, and it takes way too much time to find out!”

For those believing that SEO is a cure-all, they need to adjust their viewpoint on the subject. SEO is necessary and integral but it isn’t magic and it doesn’t take effect overnight! It is valuable to your businesses profitability but at this stage in the game, with most every company already having a strong model in place, it will take a while for you to see results, and any positive ROI, even for a company with results like Caymana Consulting. Even without immediate success, sticking to a strong SEO campaign will prove fruitful in the end, guaranteed!

· “SEO is far too technical, and difficult to understand!”

Just like any other skill of VALUE (immense value if you know what you’re doing!), SEO takes time, and a certain level of education to understand. It may not necessarily be a conventional education, although that can help, but one that requires experience and understands and implementing strategies based on the algorithms and habits of Google. And just like you would any other service, the best thing to do is to hire an agency like Caymana Consulting to perform your SEO, rather than trying to learn it yourself. Just like you have a mechanic work on your car, and a contractor builds your home, you need an SEO Specialist to handle your SEO!

· “SEO companies often appear fake, and as if they’re the ultimate salesmen.”

While this is all too true for the entire digital marketing industry, new-age consumers seem to think this type of behavior and way of promoting oneself is the way things should be. Companies like Caymana Consulting work hard and know what they’re doing, however, the industry of marketing has always been about flashy taglines and fancy buzzwords. They can’t help if they’ve gotten cheesier with time!

· “SEO can get me traffic, and visibility, but that doesn’t mean customers!”

This is by far the biggest issue many of those against SEO bring up. And in some ways, it is true, in essence, SEO does not make those users purchase your product, sign-up for your service, or come to your store. However, SEO does give you the best chance of converting strangers to leads, leads to customers, and customers to LOYAL customers! Marketing, since its inception, has been about getting you and your brand in front of the consumers’ eyes, which essentially is more than half the battle. The phrase “you gotta be in it, to win it” comes to mind, if the consumer doesn’t know about your business then there’s 0 chance they will purchase your product. Also, quality SEO, in conjunction with other aspects of marketing can help to greatly influence the consumers buying decisions.

Those who don’t adapt and evolve will eventually die out, it’s simply the way our world works. Without SEO and digital marketing as a whole, as will your business. Be sure to contact a company like Caymana Consulting and see how SEO can help transform your business today.

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