Quick Guide to Producing the Best Online Content

At Caymana Consulting our bread and butter is our ability to positively impact and rank our clients within the search engine. In today’s world, Google is king, and if your site and/or brand does not rank within Google than it might as well not be in business. In order to effectively place your brand in front of the eyes of as many consumers as possible, the team at Caymana Consulting specializes in creating brilliant websites and pages, that employ especially engaging content that is not only impressive to its audience but to the Google search engine as well. This written or visual content allows your site and thus your business to slowly climb up Google’s ranks and with each successive crawl brings you that much closer to your target demographic and their buying decisions. Once you are well-known, and in the face of the consumer, the strength of your content and the clarity of your call to action will help to influence the consumer and their buying decisions.

In the past companies similar to Caymana Consulting used a mostly formulaic method to writing web content, sites would all seem to follow the same ranking rules – 200-300 words in length, 15% keyword density. The process was mechanical and made for content that was barely engaging and most often robotic. Despite how much things have advanced, they are somewhat the same. This process is necessary for some instances, but quality has obviously needed a staunch improvement. At Caymana Consulting out expert team of SEO content writers, and content creators have a set of rules they like to follow. Now, these are modern rules, that will help you to rank in 2018, however, they are constantly updating and constantly evolving with the search engine and the web itself.

· Write for a Person – Not the Search Engine
One of the biggest things the team at Caymana Consulting preaches is to tailor content specifically to the consumer and not just the search engine. In essence, you must do both, but never sacrifice the clarity and effectiveness of your written content in order to simply stuff it with keywords. What good is rank if it does not influence the consumer?

· Improve the Perception of Products and Services
Some products might seem simple and regular. In that instance its hard to really sound convincing about a product and why one should purchase it. In those instances, it’s important to play up the importance and create and powerful perception behind your product with poignant, engaging words that do well to describe feelings and emotions of the consumer using such a product, rather than simply describing the product itself.

· Answer Consumers Questions
We are all consumers. At Caymana Consulting they understand this fact and try to get into the mind of a consumer. Odds are if you have questions about a product as will the consumer, identify what questions and rebuttals might be given based on a product and its description and answer them.

· Clear and Concise
Clearly indicate to the consumer what the product is, what it does, how it benefits, what is the cost, and where they can get it. One of the simplest ways to do such a thing is to follow a question and answer format as many sites do, simply ask questions like the ones above and answer them clearly. The team at Caymana Consulting has perfected this method and been able to make countless pages rank much higher using this format as well. Then make sure to include statements like “Call Now” “Contact Us Today” and include a phone number, link to purchase, and other calls-to-action – consumers operate much better with direction.

· Tone & Voice
At Caymana Consulting content is written using a friendly yet knowledgeable tone. Speak using a voice of somewhat with expert knowledge but is friendly at the same time – someone approachable, that consumers want to approach.

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