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Using Google Advertising for Lead Generation

These days no matter what industry you are in, search engine marketing or SEM is the way to build any business. The one thing every business needs is customers! Whether you run a B2B (Business to Business) style company, or you sell consumer products, getting your business in front of as many eyeballs as possible is vital, and the first crucial step to proper lead generation. Firstly, you need to know what lead generation is. A lead is exactly what it sounds like, a path to a customer’s business or in simpler terms, a lead is a prospective customer. And one of the best methods generating those leads is through Google advertising or through the use of Google AdWords. The search engine is key to the consumer decision-making process these days. The first place most individuals check when looking for the best deal is Google, the world’s most popular search engine by a wide margin. Considering this, it is critical for any business to make use of Google advertising.

At Caymana Consulting, one of NYC’s foremost digital marketing agencies, they are firm believers in the Google advertising platform, Google AdWords – especially when it comes to lead generation. Google AdWords includes a number of different advertising methods, search engine ads, video ads, and Google advertising through other websites. This essentially means, using AdWords, you are able to place your ads on 3rd party sites, videos, and of course, the SERP’s or search engine results page(s). As per the experts at Caymana Consulting, because AdWords employs a cost per click system, you can get the most “bang-for-your-buck” by placing them on the search engine results page. So how does AdWords work exactly?

As the most popular Google advertising platform, Google AdWords is a means of choosing specific keywords to place your advertisements on. Each keyword is mapped to a different search query that a prospective customer might search for. Its simple. For instance, if you would like to advertise for a keyword like football helmet, Google will do its best (based on the money you choose to spend per day) to display your chosen ad campaign on the results page every time someone searches for football helmet or something similar, like vintage football helmet or cheap football helmets. This is a direct result of the intuitiveness of Google advertising. Every time a search is performed, an algorithm is ran by Google to determine if any of your keywords are relevant to this specific query. Therefore, having an experienced company like Caymana Consulting on your side is a huge plus, as they know precisely what keywords with be relevant to the most queries. Meaning the better your keyword selection is, the more searches your ad will appear on, meaning huge gains in terms of lead generation. Of course, this can also backfire on you as well, as sometimes the algorithm might relate your keyword to a query, that despite being relevant, isn’t a search that a prospective buyer would search – something like what is a football helmet or why do football players wear helmets. In order to combat this issue, the Google advertising experts implemented an advanced tool into AdWords known as Keyword Matches. You can set Google AdWords to find you a broad match (less strict), all the way up to an Exact Match (the strictest). While this is a very helpful tool, it is for those who are more advanced, it might be best to have marketers like Caymana Consulting handle it for you. As a client of a company like Caymana Consulting, their expertise in Google advertising and all forms of lead generation can definitely come in handy during the AdWords process.

Once you have dealt with the auxiliaries of the situation, it is time to create your first ad. Depending upon the product(s) you are selling, each ad will be different. However, most marketing experts like the team at Caymana Consulting will follow a few basic principles, no matter what type of ad they are creating. Here are a few key aspects of a successful AdWords campaign.

  • Strong, Engaging Content or Copy
  • This is where having a company like Caymana Consulting comes in handy. Their experience creating catchy engaging, landing pages, and marketing materials would allow them to put together a short, concise, yet catchy ad copy that is engaging and plays on the consumer’s buying decisions. This is the most important factor of lead generation. Describe what sets the product apart from others, the benefits of it, and if possible, how it can solve a common consumer problem.

  • Be Professional
  • There’s a huge difference between selling and being spammy. Don’t do things like use all CAPS, or overuse words like FREE or SALE or DEAL. It doesn’t come off like an elite product. Be concise, sincere, and use simple writing.

  • Calls to Action
  • Make sure the ad instructs the consumer to take an action, like Click Here, or Buy Now for Free Shipping. The best way to influence a consumer’s buying decisions is to incentivize them to make a decision on the spot. Like 50% OFF Today Only! This puts them on the spot, and in a position where if they truly need such a product and the content speaks to them, they are likely to buy. Plus it gives them the ability to spend money at any time in the process – you never know when the feeling hits.

Google AdWords is by far the most common for of Google advertising, and allows users to generate more leads than ever before. For more information on implementing Google Advertising into your marketing plan and other digital solutions, contact Caymana Consulting today.

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Caymana Consulting NYC Caymana Consulting Business Profile Caymana Consulting Profile Caymana Consulting NYC Caymana Consulting Caymana Consulting Caymana Consulting - Youtube Caymana Consulting Caymana Consulting - Fotolime Caymana Consulting